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Natural born teachers: Teaching should give you energy, not take it away!

If you are a teacher, chances are you have a great passion for your job and students. It has been for as long as you can remember. Probably you chose such a profession to do good and change something in our future world. It is without a doubt that, teachers are one of the most important professions in our society and have been since the first homo-erectus showed his/hers group how to make and use tools.
To transfer the content of our own mind, our emotions and competencies is one of the most valuable skills that our species has ever conquered! You should be proud to be among the pillars of our kind, the very fire of knowledge and ability illuminating the future generations.

Then, why is it so stressful, why does it feel overwhelming, unappreciated at times… Why do you stop loving being a teacher?

There is no single answer, but to avoid such a tremendous thing from happening is exactly what we worked on in the last session at Jump. Our course “Natural Born Teachers” has seen the light of dawn emerging from mere conception into actualization. In the week between 16-23 of June 2024 a delegation of teachers from Lithuania explored the theory and practice behind our newborn course, finding it “A safe place to be.”

The course itself was conceived uniting mindfulness, coaching, strategic psychology and art therapy and has the aim of giving real tools to teachers, in order to face the challenges of they work and personal life.
It promotes a critical view on our changing world integrating an understanding of how science and technology are shaping our reality.

During the course tears have been shed, fears exposed and solutions found.

On the first day, the theory behind stress, meditation and life balance has been brought up together with the main elements of emotional competencies.
On the second day, the activities have all been practical and greatly focused on the teacher’s wellbeing.
The first practices have aimed to obtain an embodiment experience, which means to feel the body and bring your attention to its sensations and needs. This has been achieved through yoga exercises, functional movements and body scan meditation. Later games and art activities have been conducted to help recognize and understand emotions. In the afternoon we practiced emotional regulation through meditation, journaling and expressing. The second session closed introducing the topic of “changing a habit” creating new goals and strategies to reach them. The motto of the session has been that a little step goes a long way.

The second day, activities where students focused and regarded the implication of mindfulness in improving self-awareness, self-regulation, attention, focus, empathy and self-confidence.

It is easy, at the end of such an experience, to fear going back to your regular life but that is exactly the main goal. After experiencing how you can feel your best, you will know what you are aiming for, the sensation you want to achieve so that you can change your life around it. Because there are no greater threats to our motivation than not knowing any better or believing to have no other choice.

If you want to know more or perhaps book your next Erasmus+ experience, check out our course
Natural Born Teachers.

Author: Giuseppe Perrotti, JUMP Trainer