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MINDFULNESS AT SCHOOL. Mindful Teachers – Mindful Students

From age three to twelve, children experience incredible changes and growth, such changes are not exclusively limited to Height and size but, even more relevantly, in their cognitive abilities and physiology. A long-lasting process of autonomy starts and pupils rely less and less on their parents throughout these years. This is the time when social skills, emotional skills and behavior have the chance to evolve and differentiate. Later on, in their Teen years, students start approaching society, friends become new groups of reference outside of the family and a process to develop personal identity begins. Due to the impact of Social-media, the ever growing need of support throughout developing processes and our constantly changing society, students have to acquire new sets of skills and knowledge to be more aware of themselves and the surrounding world. Schools are in charge of  a very important educational role, to prepare the growing pupil on confronting the world. To do that, the young mind needs support in knowledge such as Maths, History, Language and Sciences. But not only. It also needs tools to grow in a healthy way, the ability to identify and pursue wellbeing and develop emotional regulation competences. All of this in order to prompt the individual to being a well rounded successful and fulfilled young adult.

This course was designed to give teachers the much-needed tools to do just that. All by understanding the meaning of wellbeing, what mindfulness is, where to start to practice mindfulness with children and teens and how to design your mindfulness exercises.

At the end of the Course Teachers will:

  • Know about how to introduce mindfulness practice within different individual’s developmental stages.
  • Know about some of the most recent literature on Mindfulness practice in schools with children and teens.
  • Learn how to deliver effective and tested Mindfulness practices like: Aware breathing, Body scan, Imaginary hugs, the little turtle (tale), Coloring mandalas, the quiet after the storm, walking meditation, aware listening and more!
  • Learn how to design your own mindfulness practice for your students.

With what you learn in this course, you will be able to achieve in your pupils:


  • develop the potential abilities like: Universalism, Gratitude, Appreciation for beauty and Courage.
  • understand their own body and how it reacts to different Mindfulness practices (like deep breathing.)
  • explore and observe with more awakened awareness.
  • train attention and improve task completion-oriented assignments.
  • learn how to manage basic emotions like Anger and Fear.
  • manage stressful moments and become more resilient to anxiety and depression

To read the full program explore the dedicated page on our website and enrol to the course, ask for info and how to join us in the next session!

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