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Mindful Youth – The new Erasmus + project proposed by JUMP started in the year 2023

Human interaction struggles as the digital world continues to dominate our lives and is especially impacting the wellbeing of young people. Communication can already be hard between human beings, but when there is the added element of social media, it can become especially hard to get out from behind a screen. The “Mindful Youth” project aims to enhance the skills and competencies of youth workers through a blended mobility of online seminars and on-site trainings. 

The proposed topics for the online seminars are:

  • Mental Health in the Digital Age
  • Emotional Wellbeing in the Digital Age
  • Creating a Culture of Wellbeing in Youth Organizations


The workshops will cover the topics of:

Digital Detox: Tips and Strategies for Managing Technology Addiction

Mindfulness in the Digital Age

Physical Wellbeing in the Digital Age

and provide a set of best practices and usable practical instruments to youth workers. 

Not only will the focus be on individual youth workers, but also the organizations that they represent. We will enhance the quality, impact, and innovation of youth work with new practices and methods while supporting their emotional wellbeing and personal development. Along with the training sessions, we will also organize two local activities to give the participants a chance to put their newly acquired skills into practice. 


On the JUMP website you can find the page dedicated to this project with all the updates. 



Written by Ashley Renee Miller – JUMP Team