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Mindful Youth Project – Second Online Training Session 06/03/2024

Last night we implemented our second Mindful Youth Project Online Session here at JUMP. We had youths and youth workers from Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, Estonia, and Spain. It was a very fun & interactive session.

We discussed emotional well-being in the digital age, how to embrace mindfulness tools to help create positive mental health, & shared practices to create balance in the busy online lives of youths. With all the notifications youths receive on a daily basis, it is important to embrace a mindfulness practice. Whether it is simply turning off notifications, implementing a digital detox, or taking time to connect with people in person, a mindfulness practice will assist in creating a positive mental outlook. We live in a busy, digital world & need to be aware of & implement the tools available to us in balancing online & offline time. This will not only increase mindfulness, peace, & grace, but will also improve relationships & communication skills.


Author: JUMP Team