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“MINDFUL YOUTH” Erasmus project approved – from September ready to start a new adventure

JUMP continues to improve the learning process on the importance of MINDFULNESS for everyone. 

With a new project approved titled “Mindful Youth” we will approach young people of different countries training them, during a physical meeting in Soverato but also online (blended learning) during 18 months from the 1st of September. 

We are happy about this project not just for the topic which we think is crucial and emergent for all the targets but above all because this project has been written by two important persons for JUMP, Francesca Politi, junior project manager and now also successful designer and Alessia Simonetti, senior and expert trainer and her mentor in project writing. The cooperation between colleagues is determinant in project design and management. 

Here some info on the project and stay tuned for the new beginning after the summertime. 


  • JUMP – Italy
  • Edu4u – Slovakia
  • MTÜ Wildstream – Estonia
  • LİDOSK – Turkey
  • Sonríe a Europa (Smile to Europe) – Spain
  • Health Activity and Technologies Institute – Bulgaria


Project Summary:

The “Mindful Youth” project aims to enhance the skills and competencies of youth workers through a blended mobility which includes both online seminars and an on-site training in Soverato, Calabria, at JUMP’s premises. The mobility program is designed to benefit the individual youth workers, who will take an active role in all the stages of the project, but also the organizations they represent and the young people they work with. 

Along with the training sessions, we will also organize two local actions to give the participants a chance to put their newly acquired skills into practice. The participants will consist of 4 youth workers per partner organization coming from diverse backgrounds in order to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. 

The online seminars and on-site training will focus on specific topics relevant to the needs of youth workers such as enhancing the quality, impact and innovation of youth work with new practices and methods to support the personal development and overall wellbeing of young people who are facing challenges related to digital addiction and the use of digital technology. The proposed topics for the online seminars are “Mental Health in the Digital Age”, “Emotional Wellbeing in the Digital Age”, “Creating a Culture of Wellbeing in Youth Organizations” while the workshops will cover the topics of “Digital Detox: Tips and Strategies for Managing Technology Addiction”, “Mindfulness in the Digital Age”, “Physical Wellbeing in the Digital Age” and provide a set of best practices and usable practical instruments to youth workers.

The training sessions will be conducted by experts from the respective partner organizations, and the sessions will be designed to encourage active participation, group discussion, and hands-on learning.

After the online seminars, in the preparation phase before the mobility for the on site training, all partners will be involved in a local activity useful to collect quality information about  needs’ analysis of youth, their view about the topics mentioned and their habits. 

After the mobility, besides follow-up dissemination activities foreseen, a specific local outreach activity will be held, bringing back lessons learnt and new tools to the organizations involved in the project and far beyond, to stakeholders and the wider public. 

Overall, the Mindful Youth project seeks to provide a platform for youth workers to come together, exchange ideas, and further develop their skills, ultimately improving the support and guidance they provide to young people.