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Over the past few years we hear everywhere – social media, articles, newspaper- and from everyone – psychologists, celebrities and even normal people- the term “mental health”.

The first time this topic was discussed worldwide through the media was because the Princess of Wales, princess Diana; she was, back in the 80s, when social media weren’t a thing, the most followed person in the world and she was the first one, in an interview, to talk about mental health, and how was important, especially for women, to speak up about it and not to keep everything inside. After that, mental health, became a loudly issue.

Our mental stability is also related to our relationship with food, in fact, it is very important to mantain a healthy lifestyle. Eating nourishing-rich food and doing excercise, not only does make our bodies feel better and stronger, but it also keeps our mind in good shape.

Carlotta Scarpino – JUMP Team