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Media Education & Videomaking@school – The experience of the trainer Pietro Saltatetti for the Erasmus +Training (week 25 june – 2 july)

During the last week of June I had the pleasure of training three foreign teachers on the topic of
Media and Information Literacy and the basics of videomaking. The course started with a lesson on
MIL, in particular on how to be a responsible netizen by learning how to avoid fake news, the
differences between misinformation and disinformation, how to recognize when we are being
targeted by a disinformation campaign and the importance of avoiding to fall in an echo chamber;
then we closed the lesson with a debate about conspiracy theories.
The second day of the laboratory was dedicated to the basics of filmmaking, we explored the
different kind of shots and camera lenses and how to use the video language to convey a message;
at the end of the lesson the participants were briefed on an event that was going to take place in the
afternoon that they had the role to film.
On the third day the participants had the task to edit the videos filmed the day prior following what
they had learned during the videomaking lesson. When finished, the videos realised by the teachers
were shown to the whole staff and to the other european teachers and were well received by

Author: Pietro Saltatetti (JUMP Trainer)