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LORD project. Visiting Sellia Borgo – March 8th 2023

a stone walkway with plants and a stone wall

On Wednesday, March 08, 2023, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the LORD project traveled to Sellia Superiore. We were welcomed by a beautiful mural dedicated to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, arts and strategies in battle, and a city councilwoman acting in the Mayor’s deputy, who was absent for work reasons. Representatives of the municipality of Sellia welcomed us and presented all the current and future projects related to social policies with special focus on targeting adults.

In summary, here are Sellia’s initiatives for the elderly:
1. Sellia “Forbidden to Die” August 2015 : Mayor Davide Zicchinella has issued an ordinance providing penalties for those who do not take proper care.
2. Realization of Prevention Collection Center located in the former school building.
3. Home care in collaboration with the National Civil Service.
4. Free gymnastics service for senior citizens in Sellia’s municipal gymnasium
5. Realization Outdoor Fitness Area
6. Installation Health Station to monitor the main vital parameters of residents and patrons (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, weight) free of charge and in real time.
7. Smart Benches, Smart Benches, Solar-charged allow any device to be charged in turn. They will allow internet access. Knowledge of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure. They will allow charging of electric bikes and scooters. To check tire pressure and “inflate” tires. They will light up at night.”
8. Future projects featured in the NRP Boroughs 2022 EU Call for Proposals.

After the institutional meeting, we had a chance to visit the beautiful Mother Church and really check out all the projects implemented and other beautiful places: the free health station for all, the smart benches, the ecomuseum and museum for children, and the wood old oil mill. A beautiful walk where we could also talk about future projects and collaborations.

During the afternoon, JUMP, proposed an important workshop (drawn from the experience of the project euread&art – https://europeanbooktrailers.eu/ ) for the partners that was functional to the project and dedicated to the hardening of digital skills useful for adult education and the creation of book trailers, that become a useful tool for reading education and social living together.

Author: Pietro Curatola, JUMP President and Legal Representative