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LORD project – A delegation from the Municipality of Lousada (Portugal) visiting Soverato with JUMP

Today, Monday 6 March 2023, we had the pleasure of experiencing the main social institutions of Soverato with a large group of political delegates of Lousada in Portugal. This morning we started the day by letting them know about Soverato going and experiencing the most popular places, starting with our beautiful seafront and a walk along Via dell’Ippocampo.

There, they had the opportunity to interact with local people, ask questions and deepen more about the origin of the name of Soverato and the masterpiece we proudly protect: The Pietà by Antonello Gagini. A marble group that we will visit this afternoon in the church of Maria Santissima Addolorata in Soverato Superiore.

Then, we went to the church of Madonna di Porto Salvo, where they learned about the shipwreck of Rocco Caminiti and his vote for the Virgin Mary to save his crew from a storm. They appreciated the simplicity of the church and the story behind it.
At 11:00 am our meeting with the Mayor and Architect Daniele Vacca took place in the Municipality of Soverato in Piazza Maria Ausiliatrice.
The mayor allowed us to receive, and talk about local projects promoted by the municipality in the field of social policies.
Supporting special needs people is one of the main objectives.

Nowadays it has been recognized that a large number of teenagers with special social, psychological, and physical needs has increased. The mayor pointed out a detailed support plan for this goal. Moreover, the plan provides for home-based primary care not only for young people facing these problems, but also for elderly who sometimes are left alone. The participants had a real comparison with their local projects, which turned out to be very similar to the local ones. This made us reflect on how people in different countries take care of the most vulnerable, implementing similar actions and achieving a better sense of social inclusion.

This is only part of the first day of the project LORD (Local Adults Development Center), funded by the Erasmus plus program.
The rest of the day will continue with a visit to one of our best “Borgo” in Calabria: Soverato Superiore. The day will end with a social dinner all together.

Here some pictures of the first morning.