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Let’s Teach Europe project. My personal experience in A Coruña – Elvira’s feedback

By the end of July, I’ve been part of an incredible European mobility in the Northern part of Spain along with other people from Poland and the UK. The project developed around the concept of Cultural Heritage in these four countries and it has been a unique experience: four culturally different countries partners of the Let’s Teach Europe Project, all belonging to a common European family.
The study trip I’ve joined, not only gave me the chance to meet kindhearted, brilliant people, but helped me to improve language and social skills. It has been a perfect school for those who want to discover the world, new cultures and to develop intercultural skills.
The Spanish days gave me the opportunity to share the Calabrian Culture – which is rarely well displayed outside the globe, unfortunately – and to have fun while learning. The project follows the path of a different, smarter way of learning and creates a less informal context of education, such as a selfie challenge to discover the A Coruña’s Old Town.
The aim of the project was to create educational opportunities and to achieve a deeper knowledge of the European Heritage, but so much more has been reached: a whole new attitude and brand-new skills have been discovered! I’ll always be glad that I had the chance to join this special experience of intercultural education.

Author: Elvira De Luca, participant to the LTT in A Coruna (Spain) for the Let’s Teach Europe project