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Let’s teach Europe in Soverato with a big group of international teachers!

A very intensive training week has just ended in Soverato, (Calabria, Italy) with JUMP and a group of 2 Slovenian and 8 Polish teachers who came to attend the interesting course “European Heritage as a pedagogical and integration tool” on behalf of Erasmus Plus.

The JUMP team organized a full morning of dissemination of the Let’s Teach Europe project results. The trainers Erika Gerardini and Ylenia Azzaro, conducted a lesson presenting the project in general, the partnership and the main goals showing the website www.letsteacheurope-erasmus.site/ created to share knowledge, experience and learn more about Europe and traditions of this wonderful continent.

After the introductory session and a short technical lesson on blogging with WordPress and Wix with Ylenia Azzaro, the bloggers Francesco Tirinato from Satriano and Sonia Simpatico from Badolato faced the topic of Cultural Heritage of Calabria, especially focusing on the blog articles written for the website about traditions and history of their villages.
Also participants had the opportunity to share something about their countries, food and culture.

It was a good occasion to show to an international audience who spent a wonderful week in Calabria the results of the ongoing project to get people from different countries closer to our Cultural Heritage which needs to be known.

Ylenia Azzaro – JUMP TEAM