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Let’s teach Europe. A very important project for JUMP and the Calabria region

The new Erasmus project titled “Let’s teach Europe. European Heritage as a pedagogical and integration tool in adult education”, approved to the Polish partner, EDUSYSTEM Sp. z o.o. from Poznan is very important for JUMP and for the beautiful region where we live and work. There are no better words associated with Calabria than “cultural heritage”.

We are going to raise attention to the enormous and precious cultural heritage of our land which is not recognized as it should be by the competent institutions and, the recent economic crisis plus COVID pandemic didn’t help, especially the cultural and art sectors. For JUMP this project is furthermore challenging because it’s focused on adult education which is a sector that the association is exploring thanks to the Erasmus Plus Program.

For the citizens of our territory it is a great and unique opportunity. JUMP is based in Soverato which is a touristic city on the Ionian Coast and the area belonged to the ancient Magna Grecia, identifying with this expression that very important phase of Greek colonisation of Southern Italy that began in the 8th century BC.

Calabria is characterized by many archeological sites, beautiful places full of history, historical buildings and evidence of a glorious past. “Let’s teach Europe” is a project on Cultural Heritage and on European Cultural Heritage. We started in fact to investigate and understand these terms according to Unesco and to European guidelines.

Thanks to the consortium and despite of COVID pandemic we didn’t get discouraged and we immediately created an official website. JUMP is very happy and soon it will be formed with the team of adult persons involved directly also in giving contributions with articles, storytelling, videos and pictures of our precious cultural heritage of Calabria to find in the new European friends the attention and the interest which deserves!
Discover JUMP at the link https://www.associazionejump.it/allaboutjump

The JUMP Team