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Let’s Make Inclusion. Non Formal Education is the Answer – Erasmus + Course of the JUMP Academy

We are almost in 2023, and the concept of inclusion has become a real challenge. Especially after all we have been through with the global pandemic, this concept has come even more into focus.
While inclusion used to refer only to students with special needs, it is now necessary for the school system and the way teachers teach to start a process of reflection and adopt new strategies so that the school becomes a truly inclusive “place” where students who feel excluded or “problematic” can also feel included and involved.

The Erasmus Plus program supports the use of NFE as a complement to formal education and underlines the importance of cooperation between schools and institutions using non-formal education, especially in terms of inclusion and strengthening active participation.

Here we are!
JUMP is an organization that has always proposed the use of Non-Formal Education as the most inclusive way of learning in groups, involving all feelings in the learning process.

Many teachers in Europe still use old-fashioned approaches and aren’t aware of Non-Formal methods to make lessons more inclusive, interactive, and fun.
Our LET’S MAKE INCLUSION course is the answer!
Here at the Jump Academy, teachers are trained in Non-Formal Education techniques specific to inclusion.
Thanks to our Jump trainers you will have the chance, as a teacher, to step back from the bridge of command and ask students to deal with Project-based or Problem-based activities. Activities should be comprised of Concrete experience- Reflecting observation- Abstract conceptualization- Active experimentation.

A learning experience you will not forget!
Trainee teachers can be teachers working in public or private schools or educational institutions. Depending on the starting level of knowledge of the trainees, this course is structured to be versatile.
Moreover, in line with the Jump Academy teaching methodology standards, this course, like all our courses, tries to balance formal and non-formal education, performed indoors and outdoors.
JUMP team always tries to enhance the fundamental aspect of international mobility which is intercultural learning implemented through various interesting activities.

Here below our training modules
1) Module 1: EU policies and actual guidelines on Non-Formal Education
2) Module 2: NFE, different environments of practices, and existing tools
3) Module 3: Formal and Non-Formal, barriers and advantages, a possible dialogue
4) Module 4: NFE in class and other environments of development
5) Module 5: Teaching profession between Formal and Non Formal Education. The importance also of Informal learning for students
6) Module 6: NFE, developing my learning and development pathway

What are you waiting for?
JUMP with us!

Author: Roberta Muratore – JUMP Team