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LET’S MAKE INCLUSION AT SCHOOL. Non-Formal Education Is The Answer

It’s 2023 and we are all facing new challenges. Schools are already the most inclusive places of our communities and the main educational point of reference for all citizens. Yet inclusion is a multifaceted concept that keeps facing new challenges (like the global pandemic) and changes its goals and structure according to European guidelines. Inclusion has been traditionally relevant for Special Educational Needs students and subjects at risk of drop-out. But things have changed and Inclusion has become a tool at the service of Teachers, to renovate the way pupils learn, no matter their formal differences. For all students are diverse in character, temper and overall in their personality and it’s the school’s goal to value and let grow individual differences.
JUMP is an organization which, since the beginning, proposes the use of Non-Formal Education as the most inclusive way to learn in groups making all participants feel part of the learning process. The most common way of teaching in schools is still through formal education, yet  European guidelines lead to a more balanced approach between formal and non-formal education. What is known as  “Non-Formal Education” (NFE) is still considered a practice for “youths”, not as important, unable to fulfill proper educational purposes and difficult to evaluate according to Teachers and Institutions. Nevertheless, a consistent amount of valid literature states just the opposite .
Erasmus Plus Programme supports the use of NFE as complementary to formal education and underlines the importance of cooperation between schools and institutions using non-formal education, especially for inclusion and to empower active participation. 

The most important institution in Europe which created manuals and official tools on Non Formal Education is the Council of Europe. NFE isnt a new concept but, only in the last years, European and Global Authorities recognised it as a powerful tool to create an inclusive and open-minded setting. 

This course will train teachers on Non-Formal Education techniques, specifically focused on inclusion. Many teachers in Europe are still using old fashioned approaches and struggle to apply Non Formal methods in order to make classes more inclusive, interactive and fun. It is time to take advantage of all the tools and innovation brought, in the last years, by the last Erasmus era of projects and activities. In this training you may count on the expertise of JUMP Team in the field. Based on years of practice, teachers training and participation in EU level projects for the creation of tools, manuals, training paths, new methodological approaches and ongoing research.


  • understand the main pillars of Non Formal Education methodology, with the focus on inclusion and its effectiveness working in small groups
  • comprehend the main differences between Formal and Non-Formal Education
  • practice Indoor and Outdoors NFE activities
  • learn to apply NFE to foster Inclusion at school
  • develop the ability to design and conduct Inclusive educational practices using NFE

To read the full program explore the dedicated page on our website and enrol to the course, ask for info and how to join us in the next session!

HERE the link to the course program and how to apply for it.