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Let’s make inclusion at school – Certified teachers training by JUMP Academy

How to make school the most inclusive place of our communities? Non-formal education is the answer.

This course will develop your understanding of this concept in continuous evolution, according to European guidelines and emerging problems, and with an approach specifically focused on inclusion, as you explore new techniques that can make your classes more inclusive, interactive and fun.

Learn how to adopt new strategies to make the school systems and teaching a real inclusive place

Through this training, based on the expertise of the JUMP Team in this field, you’ll explore manuals, training paths and new methodological approaches.

You’ll examine the different environments of practices and existing tools, as well as EU policies and actual guidelines on Non-Formal Education.

Understand the concept of non-formal education, especially for inclusion and to empower active participation

Using authoritative important literature, you’ll find out more about the deep educational purpose of NFE (Non-Formal Education) and learn the importance of cooperation between schools and entities using non-formal education.

Explore NFE with JUMP’s expert team

JUMP is an organization which since the beginning proposes the use of Non-Formal Education as the most inclusive way to learn in groups and make all feel part of the learning process.
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Author: Francesca Politi – JUMP