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Jumping in to the Let’s teach Europe experience – Giuseppe’s (JUMP Trainer) feedback

Working with Jump Association team I had the wonderful chance to board on the Let’s Teach Europe experience. Let’s Teach Europe project has the aim to increase the application of cultural heritage as a mean to teach regular subjects in schools, improve mobility among countries and contribute in the foundation of a European Identity. And personally… I believe it is very good at doing so!

In both my roles as a trainer and mobility participant, I had the occasion to dive into different European cultures by interacting with students or other participants.

World war II was a very common subject. Me and several others had some old relative participating into the war. The topic created the occasion to talk about our Countries contemporary history, values, economy and expectations for the future.

Light cheerful moments shared the same space with deeper reflective ones, really creating a connection among people and cultures. Food was also a great occasion for bonding. And traditional food was also used to explain local past traditions and costumes.
All in all, it was a great way to address key competences like creativity, team work, active citizenship, critical thinking and literacy. Meanwhile pursuing the goal for a Europe closer together.

My experience was overall positive and I would encourage further development of the project. For, being a country only the sum of its people and being the European union the sum of its countries, there is no better way to create such union, by giving the opportunity, to people, to meet and share culture, history and experiences.

Author: Giuseppe Perrotti – JUMP Trainer