OID: E10040387
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JUMP Training on European Cultural Heritage, effective pedagogical and integration tool in Education

Did you know that the topic of Cultural Heritage can be included in all subjects taught at school? Teaching Cultural Heritage is useful to develop European Citizenship competencies in students, to educate them to understand diversity and the importance of an intercultural approach to life!

Now you can improve your competencies and enrich your education, searching for our historical and cultural roots as Europeans. Whether you’re a teacher or an educator looking to design your own learning and teaching pathway, the training will guide you through a diverse mosaic of cultural and creative expressions enhancing Europe’s cultural heritage. A discovery journey through natural, built, and archeological sites, museums, monuments, artworks, historic cities, literary, musical, and audiovisual works, and the knowledge, practices, and traditions of European citizens.

In this course, participants will learn:
Culture, Cultural Heritage and European Cultural Heritage
Cultural diversity and different perceptions about culture
Analyzing Cultural Heritage & Diversity Lessons
Teaching Cultural Heritage & Diversity

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