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From its mundane and inconsistent grammar and spelling rules, English can be fun, challenging and rewarding at the same time for foreign learners. Yet, despite this, English is still the number one language studied around the world. However, English can also be lots of fun if you learn through games, songs and various engaging activities such as role plays, pitches, scavenger hunts and many more.

Learning English through songs or short films for example can help your students absorb the language in a natural way such as listening for missing information or giving feedback on a film, predicting how a film will end or debating on a social theme. In addition, games are also a fun way to practise English- it can be really motivating to learn a language, especially for students who may be shy or worried about making mistakes. It can give them the opportunity to communicate in the language in a fun and safe way.

Finally, making English interesting for your students through various hands- on activities will make the learning process more engaging and efficacious.

Author: Catherine Perri – JUMP Trainer