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JOYFUL ENGLISH. English Basic Course Or Upgrade English Language Course For Teachers And Educators

Joyful English, as it is called in the same title, aims to be a pleasant moment to learn English and enjoy learning, even though learning a language can be like climbing a mountain for many people. Especially for those who feel that it is an obligation and who do not understand so much the need to be able to speak English as a second language.

Another important aspect is the “communication skills” that can be developed through learning a language, broadening one’s perspective on a larger and more complex world, now characterised by multiculturalism and the constant exchange and influence of other cultures.

Joyful English expresses the spirit of the proposed program, structured in short sessions and enriched with non-formal educational and outdoor activities.

Depending on the level of the participants, the course is aimed at teachers, students, school leaders or adults in general, with short intensive sessions in different contexts, indoors and outdoors, in formal learning spaces and in a completely informal environment. 

The core content remains language, divided into:

– grammar (lexicon, phonetics and phonology, syntax and context)

– reading 

– writing

– listening

– speaking

– communicating

​Learning must be a joyful experience. That’s why JUMP takes advantage of Soverato’s beautiful landscape to offer indoor and outdoor activities, including natural spaces, partnerships with public schools, and other working environments that promote “different” and more natural learning.  

Participants are engaged in workshops and group activities (Project-Based Learning) led by trainers who are native or proficient English speakers with a captivating attitude and intelligent approach.

Through collaboration and the use of “special ” didactic tools (made of recycled materials such as paint, paper, etc.) and using new media and technologies, the class becomes an active player of the lesson, invited to take the lead and be creative. The pace of the course is fluent and pleasant, allowing all participants to express themselves and share learning and teaching experiences.


  • strengthening English language skills using interactive methodologies that makes learning a joyful experience, integrating indoor and outdoor activities
  • develop a wider understanding about English grammar and  and its application in a variety of contexts
  • improve English language fluency through non-formal classes and the experience of speaking with native English speakers
  • learn how to use media and ICT tools for language learning while having fun
  • experience learning outdoors and the use of different methods like non formal education which is a powerful tool to learn in small groups and fostering socialization.

To read the full program explore the dedicated page on our website and enrol to the course, ask for info and how to join us in the next session!

HERE the link to the course program and how to apply for it.