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Nowadays getting in touch with nature is increasingly difficult because of the hectic life we are used to having in the city. By now, we are hardly used to taking a break and relaxing in the green. But, we can’t go on like this anymore, too much technology is taking too much away from us: creativity, inner peace, relaxation, and mental and physical well-being. We need to reacquaint ourselves and get back in harmony with nature because immersing ourselves in the green is good for mind and body, and although we are aware of this we often underestimate it.

By immersing ourselves in the green color of the trees and meadows and the blue color of the sky, rivers, lakes and seas we encounter beneficial colors they in fact convey tranquility, calmness, relaxation then adding to it the characteristic sounds of nature: the blowing of the wind, the various animal noises, the sound of flowing water and so on, we create a positive, harmonious and relaxing whole.

Indeed it is attested that being in contact with nature brings great benefits, now let’s see which ones:
It boosts our immune system: in fact, it is said that walking in nature makes one less likely to get sick.
It fights depression: taking a walk, even if it’s only 5 minutes, promotes good mood. So it is advisable to make this good habit a part of our daily life: taking 20 minutes out of our day to walk in the green to have a prolonged antidepressant effect.
It improves memory: it is attested that those who live in contact with nature have better memory than those who live in the city.
It has an analgesic effect: Being outdoors has a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect.
It reduces blood pressure: Walking and outdoor activity lowers blood pressure.
It improves concentration: being in contact with nature improves the ability to concentrate and decreases anxiety.
It helps socialize: walking, hiking, and visiting outdoor places rich in vegetation is good for mood, and most importantly, if you are in company, it helps socialization.
It raises vitamin D levels: Being outdoors, sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D and is a valuable energy reserve.
Therefore, by immersing ourselves in nature, we can do so many activities such as: walking, playing sports, observing, running, hiking, meditating, breathing clean air and taking care of our body and mind while improving our lives.

Before we say goodbye I point you to the instagram profile of a girl (Francesca Ruvolo @wildflowermood) who decided to live in close contact with nature, nomadically with her van, free and independent. I think she can be an inspiration to all of us.
So to sum up: let’s reclaim our psychophysical well-being, our peace of mind, nature by respecting it and stay wild!

Francesca Paone, JUMP Team