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Mental health is a broad concept that refers to a general state of well-being of the
individual. Taking care of our mental health is important for living to the fullest, and allows us to reach a state of inner balance that allows us to use all the physical, cognitive,
emotional, social resources we have to face the countless challenges of life.

In today’s society there is no longer a separation between body and mind and therefore
mental health does not refer exclusively to psychological well-being, but to the global well-being of the person, therefore taking care of one’s mind means taking care of one’s body.

We can take care of our mental health by going to a psychologist, doing sport, and having a healthy diet, for example who eat fruit and vegetables every day are more likely to be classified as “very happy” suggesting a positive correlation between mental state and these foods.

Sport is very important because over help our mental health, making us appreciate our
body and feel more comfortable with it, it helps us keep fit, and prevent diseases. Sport has the power to make us feel alive, and makes us discover our limits, leading us to
overcome them.

Physical activity does not mean only activities such as running, but also activity that put us in contact with our body such as yoga, or even simply a walk in nature. In fact, getting in touch with nature manages to purify our thoughts, make us feel happier and make the right decisions for us, calming periods of stress.

Healthy eating is essential for our mental health. Unhealthy diets, which lead to disorders, greatly weaken the mental state of patients who suffer from them, and can also lead to diseases such as tumors, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases. A correct diet is in fact now commonly recognized as one of the tools for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. To have a healthy diet it is important to consume fruit and vegetables, reduce the use of salt, sugar and fat, and avoid alcohol abuse.
Article written by the student Francesca Pisani