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Mental health is the new wealth
Nowadays there are more and more people struggling with anxiety, depression, high levels of stress and uncertainty about the future. With this motto the Erasmus+ project Health is Wealth aims to promote the importance of protecting our mental health, boost it and eliminate negative thoughts as well as learn how to manage stressful situations we have to face every day.

In order to reach this goal, first we need to understand what is mental health. In a nutshell, this term encompasses your psychological and social well-being. It also includes your emotional health, or your ability to name, address, and regulate your emotions.

Many factors play a part in mental health, some of which you can’t control, such as genetics, life experiences, and family history. But you do have influence over a wide portion of it by creating healthy habits that can help maintain or improve your wellbeing.

Let’s go over these good habits!

Connectedness – Try and find some time during your week to connect with friends, colleagues or family members.
Values – Engage in activities that provide you with a sense of value and that you are important to you
Achievement – engage in activities that provide you with both a sense of pleasure and achievement.
Self-care – Find activities that you can schedule into your week that provide you with a sense of self-care.
Talk – Talk openly to close friends or family about how you are feeling and what you might be thinking.
Staying present – Use some mindfulness exercises to try and connect you to the present moment.
Coping skills – Be proactive with your mental health. Learn, practice and refine some new skills that can help you cope with pressure or stress.
Relaxation – Schedule time into your week where you can switch off and relax your mind and body.
Physical activity – Where possible try to stay active. Exercise is a great tool for boosting mood and reducing anxiety.

Francesca Politi – JUMP Team (Italy)