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Health is Wealth. The role of sport in our life

There are those who practice it for fun, those who practice it out of necessity, and those who, while not practicing it, follow it with passion.
For any age group, doing any kind of physical activity is important and is synonymous with healthy living. After all, it is known that sedentariness is the worst enemy to health.
You don’;t have to be an athlete, the important thing is to move.

After all, 30 minutes a day are enough to keep fit. They can be used to take a walk, go for a bikeride, a jog, or simply walk to the workplace or ul supermarket to get groceries, or take the stairs instead of using the elevator.

And now after seeing that so little is needed to break sedentariness, let's look together at what are the many physical and mental benefits that playing sports brings us.
Regarding the physical sphere: it reduces the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol levels ( thuspreventing hypercholesterolemia and hypertension), decreases the risk of developing heart disease and various cancers, prevents and reduces osteoporosis and the risk of fractures, and reduces the risk of obesity.

While as for the mental sphere: it reduces symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression through the production of endorphins, or more commonly called feel-good hormones, it greatly helps children and young people create their own space in the world by preventing the uncontrolled and unrestrained use of tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy diets, it accentuates energy and enthusiasm in moving around doing everyday activities, helps to have a better and positive self-perception, helps to strengthen self-esteem, and helps socialization with other individuals which is enhanced especially by playing team games such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc. .. Team sports also help grow respect and loyalty for others, decreasing the risk of escalating into violent attitudes.

Author: Francesca Paone, JUMP Team