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GREEN Youth Projects “Nidore” and “Carbono Biodiverso” – About the International Training in Lousada

One of the main target groups of the M.O.T.H.E.R. project will be the so-called MOTHER workers: category created to represent people linked to their motherland and the local community, who use their expertise to develop small enterprises. During our stay in Lousada we learnt more about some interesting local realities that meet this definition.

In the middle of a pandemic, Mario turned his hobby into an actual business project: Nidore Candle Studio. From Latin, the word describes the smell of the first raw material used to make candles, animal fat. Based in Maia, he produces eco-friendly candles free from harmful chemicals. Keeping this small business sustainable was a priority and in partnership with Associação VERDE, a non-profit association whose mission is to safeguard the natural heritage of Lousada, 10% of the sales profits finance the preservation and planting of the Green Giants, centenary trees of great size and of high ecological value.

Started likewise, in the motherland, VERDE was born in Lousada from a mapping project of these trees, valuable legacy for the community. A project that made them realize the need to find lasting solutions for their preservation. That’s the main reason behind Carbono Biodiverso, a monthly subscription mechanism based on donations so everyone can become a Guardian, investing in ecological restoration and biodiversity promotion and at the same time reduce their environmental impact offsetting their carbon footprint.

A great example of partnership between local realities for our participants! Broadening
the horizons by practical experience is an important aspect to improve the project’s outcome.

Francesca Politi – JUMP Team