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Gamification to teach and develop social skills, a training by JUMP ACADEMY

How important is it to make teaching more effective and appealing?

Especially with COVID pandemic, which for the educational sector meant a rapid digital transformation, teachers and professional educators were all forced to teach online and it has become even more challenging.

But there’s a tool that can be addressed to improve teaching and develop social skills, making lessons a continuous laboratory: Games.

Many teachers already use game-based-learning as a praxis and feel now comfortable in using games, educational softwares, and apps for their subjects since they can engage students in a fun way. On the other side, there’s gaming which is the action of playing videogames; even though they are frowned as time wasters, they can actually teach kids high-level thinking skills that they will need in the future.

And that’s what this course is all about. Teaching the difference between gaming and gamification , in order to know what tools and games can be classified under the item educational games/tools and also to know the world of gaming among youths, finding a meeting point in terms of skills developed and social skills in particular.
In this course, you’ll learn:
Gaming and gamification nowadays. Terms/definitions and trends in education
EU guidelines and points of reference. Gamification into the so-called “Digital transformation of education”
Games/tools and other innovations classified under “Gamification/Educational tools”
Gaming phenomena and social skills
Making distinction between tools and understanding the good balance
Practices and methods nowadays to integrate digital tools in teaching
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Author: Francesca Politi