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Game-based learning incorporates game characteristics and principles into learning. Learning activities inspire student engagement and enthusiasm to learn. Points systems, badges, leaderboards, discussion boards, quizzes, and classroom response systems are all components of game-based learning. Points may be accompanied by academic benefits such as an extra mark.There appears to be a widespread belief that online gaming is detrimental to the development of children. However, this is not the case. There are many benefits of game-based learning for helping student’s cognitive development. One of the most significant benefits associated with it is the development of active learning among children. The games can be easily modified based on what learning goals you wish to reach. Several games have student-monitoring tools attached to them. These tools are highly beneficial, as they allow the educator to monitor the student’s performance and make desired changes in a timely manner.

The majority of games demand that children think quickly. Furthermore, they must use logic to think three steps ahead of the game, to solve problems and complete levels. This helps children develop their logic, accuracy, and ability to think on their feet and out of the box later in life. As more schools and learning platforms consider transitioning to digital curricula, the number of solutions available to address these concerns has grown. Game-based learning is one of these solutions. This approach to curriculum and teaching is well-suited to take advantage of the full range of benefits of a digital curriculum.

Moreover, textbooks are as universal as formal schooling and have been used for a long time. And revision of textbooks takes time. Game-based learning, on the other hand, is very flexible. It is highly adaptable and can be updated very quickly, making it an effective learning tool.

Finally, as most websites provide very entertaining and fun games for young learners. These games help them to control the mouse and keyboard. They also allow them to learn web browsing, how usernames are created, how to set the passwords, etc. This point is extremely important because, in the present times, our lives revolve around technological tools and gadgets. Online games allow children to understand the functions of the computer, how it works, and how to deal with it.


Author: Catherine Perri (JUMP Trainer)