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From the Gaming Marketing to the Social Gaming

Nowadays the global market is flooded with influencers, youtubers and opinion-makers and the market demand is changing. Working in the marketing sector gets complicated because people want to be trained and informed about specific topics in order to be connected with a specific product.
So, new ways of “making marketing” are emerging.

Gamification is a new online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service through the application of typical elements of game playing such as point scoring, competition with others, rules of play. The emotions which video games give to players are very big and the numbers prove it. The gaming phenomenon is popular among young people but also among adults; everyone plays everywhere using different platforms: waiting for the metro ,the bus, the doctor… relaxing at home. Games are part of our lives and quite often we talk about Social Gaming Marketing.

When people play are relaxed and open to non conventional marketing; video games become an information medium and players are ready to gather direct and indirect stimuli and sensitize to an ethical topic such as bullying. Bringing attention to a social topic through serious games, which have educational contents, and storytelling are the key aspects to take into account for a good marketing campaign because people,
especially the youngest, can feel a connection with the product which becomes “friend”.

Psychologists are a very important figure who supports the creation of these types of games and also teachers and educators should play an active role talking about Social Gaming for youths.

Written by
Ylenia Azzaro – JUMP TEAM