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Fostering European principles and objectives through Education

Nowadays, Teaching Europe is one of the most elaborate themes to propose to young pupils. Teaching Europe doesn’t mean teaching a subject. It’s a cross-sectorial topic connecting more subjects.

As a trainer of Jump, the main aim of our course is to foster European principles and objectives in order to open people’s minds and let them be aware of its importance at the global level. Starting from a theoretical framework in which Europe is described, trainees start having good knowledge about its history, its structure, and its institutions. Later, promoting European principles and values we try to let our trainees understand the importance of being an active European citizens.
Freedom, Justice, Security, Sustainability, Equality, Democracy, Human dignity, and Solidarity are all keywords that are part of the European Union world.
Granted automatically to anyone who holds the nationality of an EU country, European Union Citizenship Rights ensure rights and advantages at a large level.

Promoting citizenship and the common values of FREEDOM, TOLERANCE, and NON-DISCRIMINATION, thanks to EDUCATION you can ensure that children and young people acquire Social, Civic, and Intercultural competencies by promoting democratic values and fundamental rights, social inclusion, and non-discrimination, as well as active citizenship; you can Enhance Critical thinking and media literacy, particularly regarding the use of the internet and social media, so as to develop resistance to all forms of discrimination and indoctrination; you can foster the education and training of disadvantaged children and young people, by ensuring that our education and training systems address their needs.

The reason why it is important to involve our pupils in the theme of European Union values and fostering its principles and objectives is that through teaching Europe, future generations are formed, more attentive to the needs of the planet, the digital transition, and global solidarity.

Educated side by side, untroubled from infancy by divisive prejudices, acquainted with all that is great and good in the different cultures, it will be borne in upon them as they mature that they belong together. Without ceasing to look to their own lands with love and pride, they will become in mind Europeans, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of their fathers before them, to bring into being a united and thriving Europe. -Marcel Decombis, Head of European School)

Author: Roberta Muratore – JUMP Team