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First Mindful Youth Online Session – February 7th, 2024

Last night launched our first Mindful Youth Project Online Session here at JUMP. It was a hit! We had youths and youth workers from Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Estonia, and Spain. The youths were aged between 18-35.

We discussed embracing mindfulness to help create positive mental health in a digital age. With all the over-stimulation youths receive on a daily basis, it is crucial to embody a mindfulness practice of some sort. Whether it is meditation, breathing, or simply connecting outside with nature, mindfulness practices have been proven to have a beneficial impact on mental health. We live in a busy, fast-paced society and taking time to slow down and reflect is not only useful, but very important. Mindfulness is bringing our attention and awareness to the present moment we are experiencing. We need to protect ourselves in this digital world we live in.
Survey Results
Some of the words used to describe our first session were, “Cool, interesting, necessary, useful, reflective, fresh head, and faith.” We can’t wait to have our second session in March, 2024!

Author: Ashley Reneè Miller – JUMP Team