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Final Dissemination Event “Cultivating Change through Pedagogy and Creativity”

We are thrilled to announce the final dissemination event, titled “Cultivating Change through Pedagogy and Creativity” organized for the Erasmus+ project Pedagogy for Change. On June 28th at the JUMP Premises in Soverato, we will embark on a journey to explore the transformative power of education, community engagement, and our deep connection to nature.

The participants will discover the project’s objectives, initiatives, and the importance of community engagement in driving positive environmental change. Moreover, they will be inspired by Mr. Antonio R. Riverso, a renowned architect, writer, and vice president of the World Council of Architects (UIA). Mr. Riverso will share his reflections as an international speaker, focusing on the crucial topics of climate change and sustainability. He will also present his book “Caino senza fissa dimora” (Caino with no fixed abode), and explore the intersection of architecture, society, and the environment.

There will also be space for creativity as we will engage in an eco-art activity, where we will craft unique bookmarks using sustainable materials. This artistic endeavor symbolizes our commitment to environmental protection and serves as a reminder of our collective aspiration to create a positive impact.

Join us on June 28th at Villa Gabriella in Soverato for this final event. Let’s come together, learn, inspire, and transform ourselves to create a sustainable future.

Written by Francesca Politi – JUMP Team