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EXPERIENCE ITALY. Language, Culture, And Food In The Calabria Region

The training is a very specific and innovative proposal that JUMP makes to international guests, teachers or other passionate of our beautiful “Italy” and it combines 3 main “ingredients”:

– learning the Italian language through non-formal classes and the experience of speaking with native Italian speakers;

– improving cooking skills with funny and very alternative “cooking workshops” by using local food, working with local chefs, and learning by doing;

– discovering and understanding the local culture of Calabria, Southern Italy, and linking this culture to the economic development of agriculture and the food chain in Europe.

During this intensive and immersive program the participants get to know the local culture and the regional panorama related to the food production which is very interesting and peculiar, totally different from other regions of Italy. In Calabria the food is strictly connected with religious tradition, with the weather and with the migration of the population. The region is the less known so the less explored and the wildest which makes it more fascinating and it makes it more exciting to come and discover. 

Our course is – as said – a combination of language, culture and food production and tasting. 

Participants work in contact with other international guests and meet at the local level “local citizens”, other international new citizens and learn some Italian in funny and interactive lessons, cook altogether strengthening multicultural language competences and travel around our region exploring some places which represent our history, Greek and Latin roots. 

This program is a hybrid and it’s a flexible schedule modified from time to time depending on the period when it’s realized. In spring it explores the beauty of this season, the first moments on the beach, the first heat and the explosion of colors and smells. 

In the summer participants try all the tastes of this hot season with some special summer moments. In Autumn and Winter time there’s the wine and the olive oil season and the valleys gain the colors of the leaves falling down and some colder evenings. Despite the wintertime, in Calabria in reality the summer never ends and the region is so green that it’s almost not possible to feel cold. This training crosses seasons and participants enjoy it bringing home all the warmth of the people, the sea, the mountains and the food, loving even more our beautiful language.


  • gain a wider perspective about the importance of culture and the connection with the local community, the food production, the traditions and other social aspects 
  • develop a wider understanding about the local culture of Calabria, Southern Italy,  linking this culture to the economic development of agriculture and the food chain in Europe
  • learn and/or developed Italian language speaking skills through non-formal classes and the experience of speaking with native Italian speakers
  • improve cooking skills through learning by doing, with a focus on healthy “slow food”, local recipes and precious tips from experienced chefs
  • experience excursions to astonishing cultural and naturalistic places, guided by professionals experienced also in storytelling applied to the promotion of Cultural Heritage in all its forms (tangible and intangible)

To read the full program explore the dedicated page on our website and enrol to the course, ask for info and how to join us in the next session!

HERE the link to the course program and how to apply for it.