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“ Experience Calabria” was illuminating. When you are asked to talk about your region, you dive into a world, yes, familiar to you but, at the same time, incredibly new and fascinating.

The geographical location of Calabria, which is the “soul” of the famous boot shape, includes our five provinces: Cosenza, Crotone, Vibo Valentia, Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria. Catanzaro, being the capital, has the famous Statue of the Cavatore symbolizing the determination, the constancy and the hard-working people of Calabria.
We are surrounded by the Ionian and the Tyrrhennian Seas, and entrusted with mountains and hills.

Our history which has belonged to Greeks, Romans, Normans, Byzantines and have left us with many castles and churches that are still visible today.
Mythodology has its own little bit when we talk about the beautiful nymph Scylla who was turned into a six dog headed monster by the sorceress Circeo and is said to live in the rock under the Castle of Ruffo. On the other side, closer to the Sicilian coast, lived Chardybis, who was seen as a whirlpool in those warm waters, known as the Strait of Messina. Up to today, to be between Scylla and Chardybis is to find oneself between two unpleasant situations. Any boat coming close to either side was destined to peril as so narrates Homer and Dante.

Chianalea, Scilla, Tropea in Vibo Valentia, the National Museum of Reggio Calabria, which hold the Bronzes of Riace, are all some of the destinations to visit.
When we talk about Calabria, we cannot NOT mention food. We are the home to red onions of Tropea, red robust wine from Ciro, hot peppers from Soverato, the bergamotto plant from Reggio Calabria and an abundance of sheep, goat cheese, honeys, and mouth-watering pork products.

Music is another important part of our heritage. Dancing to the frenzied beat of our Tarantella is the most fun and exciting dance ever. It livens up any party or wedding. To think that it was once a cure after having been bitten by a tarantula spider… Wow!!
After rediscovering Calabria, I feel myself to be very lucky. I have the best of both worlds: high green mountains and clean blue seas. I have fresh citrus fruit and local homegrown vegetables.

I live among very generous, hard working hospitable people. I am NURTURED in every sense of the word.. I am proud to be Calabrian.

Written by
Teresa Platì – JUMP Trainer