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Exciting sculptures that help to rediscover the soul

Calabria’s historical, cultural and artistic heritage is immense. Our region is one of the richest in the world. Calabrian literature, for example, is older than Italian literature, and in the first centuries of its inception it was all written in Latin and Greek.

Today, there are many young and brilliant artists who, always in turmoil, manage to amaze us by reinterpreting fragments of history, culture and moments of current life.
Through Let’s teach Europe, we would like to introduce you to the fabulous art of a sculptor born and raised in Santa Caterina (CZ), a beautiful village on the Ionian coast of the Catanzaro area who, after his research experiences in the field of medieval and Renaissance philology – between Bologna and Florence – decided to return to his homeland and “transform” his great passion into the sole meaning of his life.

Always endowed with a formidable manual ability, Antonio Tropiano carves and engraves the excess material from rough blocks of precious wood, managing to represent moments of modern life and human action in strong connection with history, literature and mythological concepts explored through his studies and research. Visiting the places that house his works, being able to admire the beauty of the material he assembles is a unique and “miraculous” experience of inner journey. What Tropiano touches and moulds with elegance and simplicity regenerates the soul.

The lively exhibition activity throughout Italy, the numerous awards from national critics and the unique results of his artistic ‘meaning’ make us Calabrians proud to be able to count Antonio Tropiano among our Masters of Art, one of the leading names on the current Italian scene.

Some of the artist’s works can be viewed at www.antoniotropiano.it
Original pictures by Erika Gerardini, photographer

Written by
Pietro Curatola, JUMP President