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“Everyone in this country should learn how to program because it teaches you how to think”

In a world where there’s a lot of content and games to consume, it’s important to have creators of good, engaging, and quality content. By learning how to code students have an opportunity to be the creator, not just the consumer. Students need more creative tools in order to express themselves. Coding allows students to become familiar with their creative side and express what interests them.
Kids can easily spend a lot of time on different platforms which are filled with content which are available to them today. Coding allows them to be the creators of their own stories and allows others to get fun out of them. It’s inevitable: everyone will experience failure some time in their lives. It’s so important that students learn in their youth what it’s like to fail and work through it. This skill will be useful as they learn and grow in other areas of their life. Through their risk and failure, students get the opportunity to understand what they did wrong in their code and fix it. Any student, regardless of their background, can use coding as a vehicle to learn that they can create and do amazing things.

Moreover, Maths can be a challenge for some students to grasp. Coding helps kids learn principles of mathematics which ultimately helps them improve their knowledge and abilities. Problem-solving is needed in any industry, and in any career. By teaching kids problem-solving skills through coding, they will be better prepared for the world that awaits them when they enter the workforce.
Finally, coding is in almost every job so while not all students will become coders, the majority of them will use these skills in whatever career path they choose. Coding is for everyone.

Catherine Perri – JUMP Trainer