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European Global Education JUMP Training offer a new approach to prepare students for a global future

When used as a pedagogical approach, global education can be a very powerful set of methods and practices to educate with a worldwide perspective valorizing the local into the global. This interconnection is enclosed in the neologism glocal, a new term that became well-known in the last few years.

Global Education was born for youths of all around the world, to meet and be educated about fighting racism, xenophobia, violence and discrimination and to build peace, inclusion and solidarity among global citizens.

Schools are sensitive to Global Education but there is still resistance and in our classes there are students from all over the world or with “far roots”. How do you make this better? By giving the best tools in order to promote the EU, its values and institutions!

In this practical course addressed to any kind of teacher, Jump trainers will provide the most important guidelines, training materials and approaches. The participants will practice Global Education activities that can also be incorporated into regular teaching and will design and create their own materials, cooperating with others.

By the end, they will know:
How to transfer citizenship competences
How to foster active global citizenship
How to build critical thinking and develop leadership skills

This course is a must for teachers and educators looking to face globalization and migration with different strategies and new methodological approaches and change the world of tomorrow in a better one.

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