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EUread&art project. The first collaboration with a local school in Italy

EU-READ&ART comes across as a common space to work together in Europe. The educational sector, including all European and overseas schools, can benefit of the project’s main result which is a collection of books and book-trailers, fruit of passions, competences and commitment of EU partners and educators.
Moreover, the effective collaboration between the project and local schools can offer many opportunities to contribute to children’s education and to maximize the reach and impact on the communities. By working together, they can prepare for a more promising future.
In order to develop new pathways of cooperation and ideas, the involvement of teachers and pupils in the realisation of book trailers as the final result of training, reading and sharing of European literary works has proven successful.
JUMP, teachers training provider on behalf of Erasmus Plus, promoted the active collaboration with a public school based in Italy, IC Monti Dauni.
The students of the local school presented “Non chiamateli eroi” (Don’t call them heroes) in the shape of a creative book trailer. It’s not just any book, but a work not to forget and to continue the fight against the Mafia.
This activity enhanced the learning process through an engaging and creative environment but also paved the way to reflection on important issues started on paper and projected through a multimedia product.
Instilling the love of reading and creating artistic and cultural expressions make worth the big investment of time, creativity and competences of the EU-READ&ART project.

Here the Booktrailer

Francesca Politi – JUMP Team