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ESPORTS: a new reality for communication and socialization

From 2019, according to a research by Aesvi and Nielsen, in Italy more than a million people between 16 and 40 years old have been attracted by the world of the E-SPORTS, a new social phenomenon emerging at global level which combines performance, competition and technology.

ESPORTS are known as “competitive gaming” and a form of electronic competition playing video games using computers, console and smartphones.
Nowadays, they are one of the most popular professional ecosystem and there are many secrets behind the success:
-the improvement of the broadband connection and of the communication technology which allows people to play at home;
-the emergence of new streaming services, as Twitch, Mixer and Youtube;
-the increase of the number of gaming platforms.

The protagonists of this huge ecosystem are:
-video players, professional or amateurs;
-organizations which hire professional gamers to participate in official competitions;
-companies which promote tournaments;
-developers and publishers working for creating games and publishing them;
-streaming platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, Caffeine and Mlg which broadcast competitions,
-brands, partners and sponsors.

ESPORTS are an industry constantly evolving and there are many spaces for players to train themselves and find a job.
Recently, new professional figures consolidated in the sector are born such as managers, coaches, analysts, shoutcasters, journalists, influencers and referees.

Of course, this new phenomenon can be an opportunity for youths to explore new way of communication, socialize with other players, face new challenges and use this opportunity to work while having fun.

Written by
Ylenia Azzaro – JUMP TEAM