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Erasmus + Training.Stress Management to improve teaching performance and personal life of teachers

Do you sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you are unable to handle it?
What does it mean to manage stress, and why can stress be a major problem that affects all areas of society, or a powerful tool at the same time?
The topic of stress management is officially classified as a “clinical pathology”.
Triggered by any event or thought that makes you frustrated, angry, or nervous, it begins with a feeling of emotional or physical tension.
Stress is the body’s response to a challenge or demand.

In brief moments, stress can be positive and also beneficial. It helps you concentrate and motivates you to get things done, and helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline. Moreover, if stress persists over a long period, it can be detrimental to your health.
Today, teachers’ performance is impacted by various external stressors within or outside the educational institution.
Teacher stress negatively affects teacher performance by lowering individual teacher and educational institution productivity. That is the reason why educational institutions should focus on teachers’ problems by understanding teachers’ problems and also providing adequate support to teachers to overcome these problems. On the other hand, teachers themselves should learn to adapt to the demands of their teaching jobs.
The JUMP Training Academy offers a special course on “Stress Management”, helping you improve your teaching performance and your personal life.

Here are our training modules:
Module 1: Understanding stress and the association between the educational sector and stress
Module 2: Dealing with stress in teaching professions. The balance between personal and professional stress
Module 3: Stress management is speaking, sharing, and facing. From what is written and said to a way to face and release
Module 4: Practices to deal with and fight stress. Outdoor activities and socialization with stress
Module 5: Doing and writing about solutions. Personal and common pathways
Module 6: More practices and different pathways
Module 7: Design my learning and teaching pathway. What to Look For in STEAM Lessons and Schools. Becoming a STEAM Teacher or School
The course we propose was tested in 2019 with three groups of teachers of different nationalities with great success and represents our method as a team of trainers to help teachers or other target groups (entrepreneurs/school leaders) to face this delicate issue.
The training is a local-level experience. We have all the elements to organize a tailor-made program that welcomes the specific needs of the groups with the necessary scientific and psychological approach but, at the same time, by taking advantage of what our wonderful environment offers and our experience in dealing with participants from the education sector.
Our method foresees different strategies and an outdoor pedagogical approach.
We will always include outings. Morning walks to see the sunset on the beach. Yoga in the morning after waking up. Walks in nature. Moments in the meadow where we talk and share. Cooking together. Enjoying time and life. Music and culture as tools for integration and well-being.

What are you waiting for?
JUMP with us!

Author: Roberta Muratore – JUMP Team