OID: E10040387
PIC: 937306636

Erasmus Plus Training on Media Education&Videomaking (July 2023)

This week I had two students for my MIL and moviemaking class; the main difficulty I encountered during my lessons has been how to balance my explanations between one of the participants tha was already an expert on the subject, and the other one that was at a very basic level of knowledge. The laboratory followed it’s usual course: the first lesson was dedicated to the MIL part, during which I had a lot of opportunities to share opinions and informations with both my participants, especially regarding the issue of advertisement targeted to kids and more in general on how big corporations deliberately target kids to make profits.
The second lesson was instead focused on the basics of videomaking that I explained by making use of short movie clips like the argument scene in “Lalaland” or the corridor fight scene in “Old boy”. During this phase we covered topics like the 180° rule, light placement and the basics for a good storytelling.
During the afternoon of the second day the participants were asked to do the filming for their short video that was going to be their way to put in practice what they learned during the theory part of the laboratory.
During the morning of the third day the participants edited the clips they filmed the previous afternoon and later their short movies were showcased to the rest of the guests of the week and to the Jump staff.

Author: Pietro Saltatetti, Media Education&Videomaking JUMP trainer