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As a teacher and trainer, I want to give my students an edge, help them learn fundamental skills to lead a successful life. I am certain they will enjoy more success if they develop a solid entrepreneurial mindset at a young age. People with an Entrepreneurial way of thinking see challenges as opportunities and face them with confidence in order to innovate and create value in the world.

It comes to no surprise that students are more capable than adults in learning these skills because they have fewer mental barriers to tear down as to develop them.
The skills we should teach our students in order to become successful adults are first and foremost; Self-confidence, which is that feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgement. On the other hand, Durability and resilience teaches students about failure and how not to fear it. Problem solving skills are essential to give students the ability to focus and tackle a problem using analysis and evaluation to make clear, reasoned decisions. Teaching students to be Creative and Innovative Thinkers helps them come up with new ideas in this ever changing world in order to stay ahead of the curve and be successful.

Ultimately, as all great accomplishments have a timeline it’s necessary to teach our students how to set goals and also take initiatives.
Finally, teaching students the importance of being Empathetic as to enable them to become effective leaders, create meaningful relationships and gain acceptance and respect from colleagues.

Author: Catherine Perri – JUMP Trainer