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Entertaining afternoon in Soverato Superiore. Outdoor activity exploring culture and nature

This week teachers and students participating in Erasmus+ project went on a walking tour to Soverato Superiore to get to know the village and its sights. The tour started at Lazzarella beach in the afternoon and continued by walking up the hill to the first stop – olive tree field.

Before the arrival to the first stop, the group stopped by to try coffee energy drink called Brasilena. After a short break, the group continued to walk to the olive tree field. The following activity was to take a look at the beautiful ancient villlage Soverato Vecchia where Soverato was first born, destroyed after the earthquake in 1783.

The group went to have a short walk through the village where they met many friendly and kind people. One of them was a woman called Adriana whose family built the first house in the village in “A lu Chianu”. She brought a traditional chilli dress that she made by herself that one of the students tried on.

While walking through the village they saw verses of poetry written by a woman called Giusi Verbaro. She wanted to let the people know that they should never stop dreaming.

The last stop was the Church of Saint Mary of the Sorrows where the Pieta realized by Antonello Gagini was situated. One of the trainers told them a story about how a masterpiece of Gagini was brought in a church and kept as a “pure gold” by the villagers.

It was a wonderful afternoon spent with good people in a good mood!

Article has been created thanks to students in traineeship by JUMP representing the Croatian partner “”EKONOMSKO-TURISTIČKA ŠKOLA from Karlovac (Croatia): NIKA JEŽ – NINA ŠTRANJGER”