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Enjoy learning with Joyful English Course for teachers and educators by JUMP ACADEMY

You might be surprised by this fact, but learning a new language can be like hiking a mountain for many people. Yeah, in fact, sometimes they feel that is an obligation and don’t understand so much the need to “come back to be able to speak” using English as a second language.
But just like the title Joyful English says, learning English can be a pleasant experience and it can help widening the perspective to a bigger and more complex world characterized today by multiculturalism and by a continuous exchange and influence by other cultures.

Ultimately, the purpose of this course is to teach the language grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and communicating, in a complete and exciting English language program. There will be short intensive sessions, workshops and group activities, facilitated by trainers, native English or with an English proficiency level, lived in different contexts, indoor and outdoor, in formal learning spaces and in totally informal environments with the magical seaside city of Soverato in the background.

This course is a great fit for teachers, students, school directors or adults in general willing to take the leadership and be creative, express themselves and share learning and teaching experiences.

Learning English will be “a piece of cake”!


Author: Francesca Politi