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Emotional competencies for student’s academic success

Emotional competencies are defined as the ability to recognize, understand, manage and use one’s emotions and those of others. It is a set of competencies that inherently belong to our nature and can be more or less developed within a very wide spectrum. The most interesting thing about emotional competencies are the possibility to train them and their impact on social skills, wellbeing, academic and professional success.

But what does recognizing, understanding, managing and using emotions mean? How does it apply to teachers and students? That is exactly what we have explored during the last training session in Jump.

On April 21 2024, a delegation of teachers from Croatia, Norway and Poland made their way to Jump’s headquarters in order to implement emotional competencies in their curricula and why not, have a good time doing it!

The course was structured in several modules divided into lectures, practical activities and discussions.
The lectures introduced the main topic of emotional competencies and bridged it’s practice with Special Needs Students. The practical activities were implemented so that emotional recognition and management would become clear, not only on a cognitive level but actually felt and integrated as personal practice. Some of the recognition activities included Plutchik’s emotions wheel, card match making exploring the different emotions, when we feel them, why and what behavior they push us toward.

For emotional management Mindfulness meditation has been introduced and Metta meditation for the development of empathy and universal love was practiced. Not just meditation but self-reflection has also been explored through the exercise of “I feel… When… When I feel… I do.”

Overall the connection between body, thoughts and emotions has been taken into account, so that everything could be integrated with an holistic approach to the individual’s wellbeing and performance.

During the discussion previous preconceptions have been challenged and new ways of thinking about emotions were shared. Some of the final results where “I used to think anger was a bad thing, but now I think at it as energy that can help me do things.” “I used to think that emotions where just feeling but now I think they are also energy and vitality.”

The role of emotions in decision making has been explored as a complement to the usual cold logical thinking, in order to tackle complex problems. Finally teaching experiences have been discussed and shared with the objective of planning and understanding how emotional competencies could be introduced in the specific curricula of each subject.

Overall it was a heartwarming experience that fostered moments of professional and personal growth for everyone.

If you are curious about our courses on emotional competencies, stress management, team building and other related topics don’t hesitate to check our full list and contact us to book in your next learning adventure! https://associazionejump.it/courses/


Author: Giuseppe Perrotti – JUMP Trainer