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Embracing Outdoor education while hugging a tree

Our stressful lifestyle brought us far away from the peace of the nature. We run all day, behind our appointments and arrangements, far away from the nature from where we actually come. Our children,seem not to have choice and just do the same as we do. And what will their children one day do?

In our society we discuss intensively about forest damages, forest diebacks or the threats of the climatechange. The forest conservation is a very important issue for our society.
But in parallel, knowledge about forest decreases. Do you still remember the different types of trees you learned at school?

Furthermore, scientists already recognized that a psychological alienation of the human being from the forest could be dangerous because it could mean that forest damages could take place more and more unnoticed. From the other side, scientists also recognized that a destroyed environment has negative influences on our mental health. This spiral is difficult to be broken, especially by adults. But luckily, we are most likely to succeed by children.

Outdoor education offers a way to make people aware of the importance of nature, experiencing it, it helps people taking on their responsibility towards nature, educate them about nature, making them aware of harmful behaviors against nature, help them to be a healthy mind in a healthy body.

I warmly suggest you next weekend to go with your family to the forest and choose a tree. Just hug it and feel its energy for a few seconds before starting your busy week.

Written by
Sonia Simpatico – JUMP Team

Bayerisches Staatsministerium fuer Ernaehrung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten, Forstliche Bildungsarbeit, Bayerische Forstverwaltung