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ECO-SCHOOL – Ecology education course for teachers and educators

The issue of ecology is inextricably linked to the need for more education (“ecology”, “environmental education”, “education for sustainability”) on issues that are now of great concern. Teachers are already friends of the environment and in recent years have made an increasing contribution (as have the younger generations) to raising public awareness.
Schools are the first place where children are educated to be good citizens in the future and to realise their dreams in life; it is the central place where a radical change of mentality can take place.

The idea for this course is very recent (2020) and is cross-cutting in purpose. Ecology, respect for the environment, recycling and reuse, the 2030 sustainable development goals, EU climate action… are all key topics of the ECO-SCHOOL course.
It is not true that only science or geography teachers are in charge of teaching ecology. All teachers, from language teachers to subject teachers, and especially school headmasters, have the task of teaching ‘greener’ or introducing the ‘green cross-curricular subject’ into their teaching methods and teaching content.
Target group
Educators or any kind of teacher working in a public school or educational institution.

Main objectives
This course is based on sharing and broadening the knowledge needed to change the classical methodology used in school by “taking it outdoors”, making it less formal and more innovative.
The theme of ecology enters every subject through new lesson plans proposed by the JUMP Training Acacdemy based on a method used by European teachers and already trend-setting.
In addition, most of the proposed activities will be supported by technology so as to create a bridge between a new and original contact with nature and the reality of a digital life that is already part of us.
If possible, within the programme, a morning is spent in a local school, visiting, observing and collaborating in the realisation of one or more lessons.

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