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Eco-School and Outdoor Education Course with the JUMP ACADEMY of Soverato (March 2024)

Last week the JUMP Trainer taught four teachers from the EU, two from Poland and two from Spain, about ECO – School and Outdoor Education. It was an information-packed session and the group was able to enjoy ECO – friendly activities outdoors all week. They discussed how to implement the ECO – Schools Programme in their own schools through educating and encouraging students to build and develop key competencies. It is crucial to plant seeds in the minds of students as they will become our future leaders and employees. They also learned the Seven Steps on how to successfully introduce an ECO – Schools Programme into their current curriculum. 

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals play a big role in the world becoming more ECO – conscious and aware. They built upon their current knowledge of the goals while diving deeper into the importance each goal has. They integrated outdoor learning and education throughout the session, spending time on the beautiful beach in Soverato as well as in the pine tree forest near the sea. From mindfulness practices to creating objects with elements from nature to learning about how long different parts of garbage spend on the planet and take to biodegrade, they were energized and excited to take what they had learned back home.

Author: JUMP Team