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Discover the JUMP Erasmus+ Training “Teaching is Communication”

Are you sure of being aware of the meaning of communication and of the importance of communication in teaching? How much is it important?

Are you sure of being a good communicator?

From the Cambridge Academy, Content Dictionary COMMUNICATION is defined as the process by which messages or information is sent from one place or person to another, or the messages itself, but it is also defined as the exchange of information and the expression of FEELING that can result in understanding.

Communication is much more than what linguistically can be expressed.

You will be surprised to know that the answer is to learn how to be a good listener. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find good communicators. The ability to be a good one is a talent and is something introspective. People should take for granted that every single person has a story behind them, and be aware that sometimes the way to express ideas might be hurtful or the result of understanding. That is the reason why we should deepen the real meaning of communication when speaking.


JUMP Association Academy course on TEACHING IS COMMUNICATION gives you a better understanding of why communication is essential, not only for educators, but it could be vital in our daily life.

Sharing our experiences, our needs, and our thoughts help us better connect with others.

Our course will help trainee teachers be good communicators and be aware of the importance of having the right skills when teaching our students.

Furthermore, we help you understand why and how an intercultural approach to the analysis of different conversational styles helps to understand the differences in conversation.

Every human being should take greater awareness of communication underlining how different conversational styles are influenced by gender as well as cultural, social, and experiential factors. Analysing everyday life interactions and adapting to other ways of communication could be the key to the problem and could help to avoid all the negative consequences that different conversational styles can cause.

The TEACHING IS COMMUNICATION course is designed for all who want to deepen their knowledge of communication.

Here below our training modules:

  • Module 1: Communication in the Classroom

  • Module 2: Effective Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

  • Module 3: Structure of Participation

  • Module 4: Using Classroom Talk to Stimulate Students’ Thinking

  • Module 5: Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers Assessment

By the end of this course, Jump Training Academy ensures the following main objectives:

you will dive into the meaning of Communication, and how we can improve our “tools and techniques” when communicating at school or in our daily life to build strong relationships with people.

you will comprehend the role of being a good listener, and the role played by non-verbal communication (body language, gestures, facial expressions, pitch and tone of voice, and eye contact…)

you will get to know how the context and external factors (culture, gender, society) play a fundamental role in communication.


Trainee teachers can be teachers working in public or private schools or educational institutions.

Depending on the starting level of knowledge of the trainees, this course is structured to be versatile.

Moreover, in line with the Jump Academy teaching methodology standards, this course, like all our courses, tries to balance formal and non-formal education, performed indoors and outdoors.

Jump team always tries to enhance the fundamental aspect of international mobility which is intercultural learning implemented through various interesting activities.

What are you waiting for?

Come and join our course on TEACHING IS COMMUNICATION.

Author: Roberta Muratore – JUMP Team