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Culture and tradition meet an innovative learning approach in EXPERIENCE ITALY, a training by JUMP

If you want to combine the study of the Italian language and culture and an immersive experience in the Italian way of life then you are in the right place!

JUMP, an innovative NGO based in Soverato, together with local catering colleges, offers Italian language courses and programs for learners of all nationalities, who want to attend study abroad programs or internships in Italy.

It Is possible to mix Italian language lessons with an intercultural trip in the city of Soverato, located near the seaside, and also learn Italian cooking with students of the catering college. Sea, nature, food, culture, leisure, and suggestive views: a program of 7 days to experience the culture of the South of Italy, in Calabria region, exploring the charming city of Soverato, the so-called pearl of Ionian sea. Attend Italian courses and gastronomy tasting of Calabria food, known as one of the best in the world!

This training combines 3 main ingredients:

– learning Italian language using non formal education and experiencing speaking with native Italian speakers;

– improve the ability in cooking using local food, working with local chefs and learning by doing;

– discover and understand the local culture of Calabria, South of Italy and create a link with the economical development of the agriculture and food chain in Europe.
What are you waiting for? JUMP with US!