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Cultivating Wellbeing and Mindfulness in Youth Organizations: The VitaTiim experience 

In the city of Narva, the non-formal learning center VitaTiim is pioneering a transformative approach to youth development, where the culture of wellbeing and mindfulness is seamlessly woven into every facet of its activities. This organization stands as a testament to the power of an environment that fosters holistic development, allowing young individuals not only to learn but to thrive amidst the complexities of a rapidly evolving global landscape.

VitaTiim’s mission is multifaceted: it aims to create a supportive and inspiring setting that encourages both young people and youth workers to discover their roles in the world and maintain mental and physical flexibility. The center achieves this by integrating wellbeing and mindfulness into its core activities, transforming the way youth engagement and development are approached.

Key projects at VitaTiim, such as “YOU(th) in the moment” and “StorySafe: Empathetic Avenues in Trauma-Informed Youth Work,” exemplify the center’s commitment to this mission. These projects are not just activities but pathways that enhance mental health, efficiency, and active participation, while also addressing the specific needs of individuals affected by trauma with sensitivity and care.

In addition to its internal initiatives, VitaTiim collaborates extensively with other organizations to broaden its impact. Partnerships with local entities like the Narva Youth Centre and Narva-Jõesuu Youth Centre have enabled VitaTiim to co-create programs that further enrich the offerings available to the youth. These collaborations ensure a wider reach and integration of various expertise, amplifying the benefits of the programs designed for youth wellbeing and development.

The approach to building a culture of wellbeing at VitaTiim encompasses several key strategies. The organization emphasizes the importance of physical health through activities that promote exercise, balanced nutrition, and adequate sleep. Mental and emotional health are supported through tools and strategies aimed at stress management and resilience building. Emotional safety is prioritized to create a space where youth feel secure and free to express themselves without fear of judgment.

Furthermore, VitaTiim strengthens social wellbeing by fostering supportive relationships and developing social skills among its members. This holistic approach ensures that each individual’s needs are met, facilitating an environment where all can flourish.

Mindfulness is a cornerstone of VitaTiim’s wellbeing strategy. The organization incorporates tailored mindfulness exercises, such as Body Awareness and Notion Meditation, into its programming. These practices help participants gain a deeper awareness of their physical sensations and the environment, enhancing mindfulness and aiding in stress regulation and emotional balance.

By integrating mindfulness into all aspects of its programming, VitaTiim ensures that both youth and staff benefit from these practices consistently. Whether through project activities, workshops, or everyday interactions, the principles of mindfulness are a constant presence, reinforcing a culture of mental wellness and conscious awareness.


Author: Wildstream, Estonian Partner of the Mindful Youth project