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It seems obvious to associate teaching with critical thinking, but nowadays it is really essential to stimulate more and more critical thinking skills in students.
The JUMP Training Academy proposes a course that offers interesting insights into improving the skills of teaching critical thinking to students across any subject or discipline, and at any level of education.
Critical thinking is linked to creativity, problem solving and leadership. These skills are crucial, especially after the long and stressful period of the COVID pandemic.

Target group
Teachers can be any kind of teacher working in a public or public school or educational institution.
Moreover, like all our programmes, this one is flexible and adaptable to special requests, depending on the subject taught or the starting level of the participant.

Main objectives
Through this course, teachers will have the opportunity to redesign lessons and strategies using the concepts and principles of critical thinking (through constant formulation and evaluation), and then transfer the acquired knowledge to the students, putting it at the service of their daily lives.

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